David Gallagher

Waveney District Council

I have known Ian for around five years and provided some strategic and technical support to a project Ian was managing in Lowestoft.

Ian’s approach to project management is of high quality, he is thorough and methodical, providing the necessary interaction with the public, private and voluntary sectors effectively.

He has a sound understanding of the needs of the different sectors and individuals to not only be inclusive but persuasive, a critical area and skill that needs to be fully grasped to gain ownership and deliver objectives.

Projects, major or minor need the right profile and the right feel to stand a chance of being successful, Ian created that feeling of team work and success, a good leader can do this.

It is never easy to harness ambition and delivery with competing priorities and strong characters that often end up sitting around the table, many of them as volunteers with a passion for a particular area and not necessarily the big picture.

Common ground is always a great place to start, making sure that the real case for reality and what is possible is understood, a clear business case that is future proof and provides a legacy that is sustainable, something to be proud of as an achievement. Ian achieves this.

I think what I have tried to do is summarise my understanding of Ian and his expertise and some of the ingredients that I feel that I have learned over the years of working in this area, that learning and feeling was certainly there and enhance my views whilst working with Ian

I totally commend Ian Cartwright project management skills and experience.

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