We Manage Your Projects

Whether you're business is relocating, organising an event or have some other project that needs planning & delivering, you can trust us to do a great job.

We Listen

We Plan

We Deliver

You’ve already got enough on your plate

As a business owner or team leader, we know you'll have any number of important projects that need doing. The problem is, there's not enough hours in the day and you just don't have the time or resources to do them all in-house.

That's frustrating. And stressful!

Until now ...

We can give your project the care and attention it deserves


Some kind words our clients have said.

Jennifer Allot

Ian is outstanding project manager. He brings real insights into how to successfully deliver a project along with an exceptional ability to form really strong relationships. Ian strength lies in bringing people together around a shared strategy and vision for a project, and then systematically putting in place the what is needed to deliver. Ian …

Jennifer Allott

Age UK and former Head of Communities and Equalities at the City of York Council

I am impressed with the community research  projects that Ian and his team undertake.  They enable organisations to really examine the need and demand in their community, whether a geographical community or community of interest.  The information gained helps organisations  to clearly set their future goals and objectives and design services that meet genuine evidence-based …

I have known and worked with Ian Cartwright for the past six years. Working together we have been able to achieve real change on a community level and for the individuals and families that reside within. …

Ian’s approach to project management is of high quality, he is thorough and methodical, providing the necessary interaction with the public, private and voluntary sectors effectively …

Ian stepped up to the plate and put his resources and full support at our disposal, standing with us at this very difficult time undoubtedly helped us survive, to become the wonderful healing centre we are today …

Life is easier when you have a trusted partner on board to

  • Manage all aspects of the project from start to finish
  • Bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table
  • Put the right team together to deliver a great result
  • Take the stress away, so you can focus on what you need to do
  • Closely monitor timings and budget to keep the project on track
  • Help you get a great outcome and achieve your goal

Some of the projects we could 
take off your hands

  • Business relocation
  • Charity fund raising event
  • Pop up business
  • Armed Forces Covenant
  • Company conference
  • Community development project
  • Tool, plant & cabin hire
  • Social & market research

A selection of projects we have 
successfully completed

Hull Max Life

Project Management

The Maximum Life Youth project or ‘Max Life’ for short was formed in January 2004. Under my leadership …

Community Surveys


Delivered Community Surveys to six Wards in York Acomb Westfield Guildhall Fishergate Fulford and Heslington Copmanthorpe …

Bilton Grange

“The Acorns” Bilton Grange, East Hull

Project Management

The project team was made up of members from the Council, The Methodist Church and other local community projects …

A selection of the business we 
have worked with

Brandon Hire Station NWA YMCA York CVS The Methodist Church City of York Council

Here’s how it works

We Listen

We meet up and discuss your project goals, timings and budget so we have a deep understanding of what you want to achieve.

We Plan

Next, we put together a clear plan and strategy, and manage all aspects of the project from start to finish

We Deliver

Finally, we deliver the project as promised, helping you achieve your goals as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Your projects should be rewarding, not stressful. Let us take the stress away