Delivered Community Surveys to  six Wards in York

  • Acomb
  • Westfield
  • Guildhall
  • Fishergate
  • Fulford and Heslington
  • Copmanthorpe

Delivered a Community Survey at Shipton On Beningbrough, Hambleton, North Yorkshire.

Delivered a community survey in the village of Shipton at Beningbrough to understand how the closed Methodist Chapel could be used for community activity.

In Lowestoft:

Three Research Projects in a large new housing development at Carlton Colville, Lowestoft to understand the needs of local people who live in new housing.

  • A Family Survey,                                                                                                
  • Specific research among Children and Young people,                        
  • The leisure data base to discover the latent demand for a health and fitness facility

In Hull:

Research among children and young people to help discover the opportunity for a specific project for young people.

Survey reports from these projects are available to view by contacting us.

The research methodology

  • Deepened the organisations understanding of their local communities
  • Ensure the research identifies real needs
  • Created a sense of local ownership and participation
  • Avoided unnecessary duplication of provision
  • Gave local people a say in the future of their communities
  • Add value to local community groups and local people

The research enabled a cross section of community groups and business to deliver their services whilst engaging the community throughout the project. The research also enabled organisations to set clear goals and gain a credible understanding of the area in terms of needs and opportunities.

The research methodolgy is not theoretical but action orientated resulting in a clear mandate for each organisation to bring value to their clients and their communities.

The approach involves the following phases. Each phase moves progressively from high-level to more detailed investigation.

Phase 1: Project inception meeting

Phase 2: Desktop research

Phase 3: Stakeholder focus groups

Phase 4: Community engagement

Phase 5: Final debrief

Phase 6: Close – Over to the client

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