Vision, Mission and Values

This blog continues the theme we have been exploring – leadership. In this blog I want to write about the guiding lights of leadership; vision, mission and values. These three elements create the ‘goalposts’ for the decisions and actions we make on our journey. They will guide and direct everything you do – and should be carefully developed as you move forward.

A compelling vision and a clear mission statement are absolutely essential for effective leadership and displays the leaders ability to lead.

However, in the process of planning and looking ahead, too many people loose sight of the present and forget to enjoy the journey along the way. For good leaders life is about the destination and the journey. Enjoy the journey – especially the very moment because the future you envision may never come into being.


Much has been written about vision – and for good reason. All good leaders have a vision and are able to articulate a vision that is simple, clear and compelling. Vision paints the picture of where you want to be, what you want to look like and what you hope things will look like in the future.

A well cast vision is one that that can be commonly shared by all members of the team. It must be something that resonates with the entire group. It must be something they can see and believe is possible to achieve with their collective efforts. The job of the leader is to continually set out the vision as a light to both guide and invigorate the team members. To keep them focused and motivated.

The people in your team need to understand, believe and own the vision even when they all feel like giving up because the circumstances around the journey they are on seem’s bleak. Keep the vision out in front. Don’t let your team quit early and don’t you the leader give in early either!!!


A mission statement answers the question why do we exist? Why are we doing what we are doing? Mission says these are the things we are going to do to turn our vision into a reality. Vision and mission are dynamic components of the direction we believe we should travel together.


The third component that guides any organisation are its core values. Values are the highway-code for the journey. They remind us, and others what is important to us.

At Imagine projects I have adopted these three components into my organisation.

The Vision of Imagine Projects is “To Build Lives and Build Communities”

The Mission of Imagine Projects is “Turning Knowledge into Action”

Imagine helps our clients gather information (knowledge) and then turn the information into informed and creative projects (action) that make a real difference to people’s lives and their communities.


The Values of Imagine Projects take’s the verb ‘Turning” as an acronym to highlight our core values:

T = Transformation – We value transformation and change
U = Unity and Diversity – We value unity, diversity and equal opportunities
R = Research – We value quality research and gathered knowledge
N = Narrative – We value narrative and the power of the story
I = Imagination – We value imagination and innovation to empower transformation
N = Nurture – We value the nurture of people and their personal development
G = Go – We value action by having a can do attitude

Of course we must monitor and evaluate our mission, vision and values. We will look at this next month.

Have a enjoyable August – Ian



Imagine Projects will carry out an imaginative project, at an affordable cost so you can spend your time growing your business.