In this story, another small community cinema makes a considerable difference to the lives of local people in Copmanthorpe and the surrounding villages.

All the statistical data and the findings from the 2013 Community survey suggested that Copmanthorpe is a thriving community in terms of good health, education, finance and crime. Overall Copmanthorpe is in the top 5% of affluent communities nationally.

That said, the community survey indicated that social isolation and loneliness were issues of concern for 35% of respondents. This is interesting considering the activities that have been available in the village for some time.

The survey also indicated the opportunity for a community cinema would be well received with 71% of respondents expressing an interest in a local cinema.

The cinema is now (May 2017) into its second year having been formed by a cross community group of volunteers in response to the 2013 survey and a specific cinema survey that asked residents the following type of questions.

  • What type of films would you like to watch?
  • What time of day would you watch films?
  • Would you like to volunteer?
  • Would you join a cinema club?
  • What kind of snacks would you like?

The response to this survey was also encouraging indicating that a community cinema which was run by local people for local people would receive sufficient support to be sustainable.

The life of the cinema begain as a pop up cinema with a good sized screen, decent speakers, a quality projector and DVD/Blueray player.

We created several small teams which included a set-up and pack-away team, hospitality team, catering team, administration and legal team, publicity and marketing team.

The first year received sufficient support to indicate that the community cinema in Copmanthorpe was a viable project.

So much so that professional equipment was installed in the church.

The following was also achieved during the first year 2015/2016

  • Number of screenings: 12
  • Number of tickets sold: 930
  • Most popular Friday film: lady in a van 102 tickets sold
  • Most popular Saturday morning family film: Shaun the Sheep 66
  • Professional sound and projection equipment installed
  • Number of volunteers over the year: 12
  • Monteray value of volunteering over the year 2015/16 based on the minimum wage at the time (from 1/10/15) of £6.70 per hour
  • 12 volunteers working on average 6 hours per month each = 72 volunteering hours per month.
    Annual hours 72 hours per month x 12 months = 864 volunteering hours per year.
    Total volunteer monetary value during 2008/09 was £5.50 an hour x 900
    Volunteer hours = £4,900.00
  • Organisations assisted: 6

During the spring of 2017 a third piece of research was undertaken to consult with the community to ensure that:

  • Local people were aware of their cinema
  • To build on the solid start
  • Explore whether the cinema team could make improvements.

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