Imagine Projects, were commissioned by the trustees of the Copmanthorpe Community Pool to conduct a Community Survey.

The survey was undertaken in order for the trustees of the Copmanthorpe Community Pool to explore the views of the village concerning the refurbishment of the pool at the primary school as a community facility.

The final report was used to facilitate discussion among the trustees and the steering group to form a strategic action and financial plan for the development of the pool into a community facility.

The research project was carried out with the support of other key community stakeholders in the area. The project gathered opinions of local people, and their response has highlighted a number of potential informed services that could be run for the community from the pool.

Between January 2020 and March 2020 desktop research, stakeholder meetings and a large-scale community survey were undertaken, generating a wealth of insight into what residents think about the potential for a pool in Copmanthorpe, as well as identifying some of the problems and challenges people face and their ideas on how the pool may be developed to provide services that are needed.

The community survey produced an impressive response in terms of the number of responses, especially considering that the survey had to be terminated before the face to face interviews could be conducted due to social distancing as a result of coronavirus.

The project was scoped to be as comprehensive as possible, identifying all relevant information and ensuring that the research questions asked where appropriate to the project and the local community. The research was undertaken in seven phases, with each subsequent phase building on the intelligence gleaned in the preceding phase and becoming more focused.

Phase 1: Inception Phase
The purpose of the inception phase is to lay strong foundations for the project by exploring potential opportunities and risk the project may face.

Phase 2: Copmanthorpe Primary School Council
The purpose of this meeting is to gather the views and options of children at Copmanthorpe Primary School.

Phase 3: Desktop Research
The purpose of the desktop research phase is to give a context for the project, identifying demographics, key statistics, any obvious areas of strengths or weaknesses in the area and outlining the priories of the Copmanthorpe Ward and the City of York Council.

Phase 4: Community Focus Group
The community focus group phase translates the broad-brush strokes of the desktop phase into what is happening on the ground through the experience of key corporate agencies and local people who live and work in the area.

Phase 5: Community Engagement
The community engagement phase takes all the information collected to establish key areas of interest from individuals. It asks for their perspectives on a range of issues. When the answers to the questions are taken as a representative sample of the community, it can be a platform on which to develop policy.

Phase 6: Report
The final report was put together professionally so that it can be presented to prospective funders/investors in support of any applications.

Phase 7: Implementation
This method of research results in action! The findings of the research will encourage further exploration of specific opportunities that are desired by and aimed at providing local people with a pool they can enjoy.

This link provides more information on the project and the actual report.

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