Mentoring  Leadership is about building character into the lives of others, modelling and teaching attitudes and behaviours, and crating a legacy to be passed on to future leaders.

Leading in this way can not help but have a positive impact on others, to shape the lives of people they serve, as they lead, guide, inspire, and encourage people.

We often mirror what we see. Business leaders model other business leaders or not of they think its not helpful.

In this way the primary purpose of mentoring leadership is to enable people to flourish, be productive, make a difference and be whole people.

Below are some traits of a mentoring leader.

  • Mentoring leadership consists of principles and skills that are accessible to anyone.
  • Mentoring leadership can be taught and learned. But it must also be practised
  • Mentoring leadership focuses on developing the strengths of others and making them better team players.
  • Mentoring leadership works best when those whom we are leading are aware the leader has their best interests at heart.
  • Mentoring leadership is primary concerned with adding value to the lives of people.


mentoring leadership is all about shaping, nurturing, empowering and growing. Its  all about relationship, integrity and learning.

Success is measured in changed lives, strong character and eternal values. The material gain for a organisation will always be one of the fruits and growth following this method of leading and mentoring people.

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