Mentor leadership and stories

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Storytelling has emerged as a vital skill for all involved in leadership. Organisations of all sizes are encouraging the use of stories as a means to sell ideas, communicate a vision for the future or inspire commitment. Using stories allows people to engage others, emotionally and to effortlessly make them remember and “experience” your ideas on a powerful and personal level.

Stories can be used in numerous settings. For example

  • define culture and values
  • engender creativity and innovation
  • foster collaboration and build relationships
  • provide coaching and feed back
  • lead change
  • and so much more

There is great power in stories of any kind.

I want to tell you about Susan (All names in this story have been changed to preserve identity and maintain confidentiality).

Susan came to a pop up café I had helped start following a piece of research. The community through the survey had expressed an interest in a community café.

Susan came along one morning to the café. She had recently lost her husband and was feeling bereaved and lonely.

She sat at a table on her own reading a newspaper. She didn’t know any one. She had completed the survey and had waited to see what would happen next. She was so pleased to pick up a leaflet advertising the café.

Prior to opening the café we had mentored our volunteers to look out for new people especially those who seemed vulnerable and alone.

Kim one of our volunteers. Went and sat down by Susan and chatted with her. Initially picking up on what Susan was reading in the paper. The visit to the café and the sensitive way in which Kim had engaged with her was to be the start of a exciting journey for Susan. She came to the café each week and slowly got involved.

Susan was well trained in catering and took an active role in running the community café. Training other volunteers in catering and developing their confidence and skills.

Susan’s story is like so many whose lives have been changed and their communities strengthened. Through essential projects, that provides hospitality and welcome to people along with suitable volunteering opportunities for people.

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