To imagine is a very natural occupation. It’s just that for most of us it’s been put on the shelf and forgotten about.

I want to give you a example.

When I worked in the tool hire industry the MD asked me to look at a car show room across the road from our current location. 

The current shop was small but very profitable. However to develop the business and comply with a range of health and safety regulations we needed to relocate to more suitable premises.

This is one of the most challenging decisions a business has to make. Moving a business from a well established location to a new one. It is a risk but effective risk management sees the problem as a threat or a opportunity.

So I walked across to the garage and instantly saw the potential. There was a workshop area that could easterly be converted into a store room for the hire fleet.

There was a number of corridors, offices and  unused spaces which could be opened up to make a suitable shop area with shelving and a counter etc.

For most of us the imagination is a untapped and powerful  business development tool just waiting to be pulled down from the shelf and used.

Imagine Projects will carry out an imaginative project, at an affordable cost so you can spend your time growing your business.