Training and Development

Imagine Projects encourages creativity to improve productivity.

We focus on working alongside our clients by creating small imaginative projects that make a difference to local communities or communities of interest.

Imagination and creativity are essential skills for all contemporary projects.

At Imagine Projects we believe that creative thought processes underpin problem solving and innovation, leading to more effective and successful projects.

Creativity also improves adaptability and resilience, allowing your project to view challenges as opportunities for success.

With us you can learn how to develop a more creative mind set.

Create a drive to be inquisitive and the confidence to take controlled risks.

With us you can learn how to apply creativity in a range of different contexts and for different purposes.

You will be supported to develop vision, mission and values in your organisation that support creativity and consciously nurture and develop the creative capacities of the people you engage with.

Participants on our training courses will always learn how to:

  • Understand what creativity is, the creative process and its components
  • How creativity as a tool can be applied to solve any issue in your organisation
  • Ways in which creativity can be nurtured individually, with colleagues and across an organisation
  • Creative evaluation tools based on stories to determine the impact of creative thinking on your organisation
  • How to develop models of getting fresh, breakthrough ideas when they are needed
  • An understanding how creative interaction with others affects both innovation and team work
  • How to create a climate that encourages people to be creative and perform at their best